Attack on Titan Episode Title Teases An Upcoming Sneak Attack

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In just a few days, Attack on Titan is set to return for Part 2 of the final season, and now, a future episode title has confirmed that an ambush is coming. After the conclusion of the first slate of episodes in early 2021, studio MAPPA announced that Attack on Titan would be returning for Part 2 of the final season in 2022. The wait is almost over for the final episodes, and now, fans are excited to find out more details about the new episodes.

Attack on Titan
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Credit: MAPPA
Attack on Titan

While many fans are excited for the midseason premiere, the title for the following episode is teasing new material. Over on Twitter, @AoTWiki pointed out that the title for Attack on Titan Episode 77 is Sneak Attack. This teases what's coming in Part 2 of the show's final season. However, fans will have to wait for more details about this upcoming episode.




Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 will continue on January 9. New episodes will be available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation upcoming their debut in Japan, and will begin with Episode 76, titled Judgement, the midseason premiere of the final season that's described as such: "In the pouring rain, a soldier is lying on the ground. Beside him, a man crawls out from the steam of a mysterious Titan. At the same time, Marley makes a surprise attack in Shiganshina District, the place where everything began, and the Titans begin to move. The Founding Titan and the Armored Titan face off once more."

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