Attack on Titan Episode 86 Preview, Synopsis Confirms Major Mikasa Moment

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If you have been following Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2, you probably believe that Mikasa Ackerman has been through a lot in the Final Season. However, it looks like she's set to rise above it all. The preview and official synopsis for Attack on Titan Episode 86 confirm that Mikasa is set for a major role next week!

The Attack on Titan Episode 86 preview and synopsis were revealed immediately after the previous episode concluded. In the teaser, it is confirmed that the battle continues for Mikasa and her companions as they try to rescue the Azumabitos from the Yeagerists. However, there's a key moment in the preview where a wounded Mikasa faces Floch Forster. Check it out below.

Interestingly, the synopsis for the episode also teases how everyone is dealing with the conflict. "Hesitate and die. Aim the gun and pull the trigger. All while believing the betrayal leads to saving the world," the voiceover in the preview states.

It's a vague description for Attack on Titan Episode 86 but fans are convinced that Mikasa will be one of the real heroes next week. Considering that she has already done a lot in the previous episode, there is little doubt that Mikasa is the one to watch out for this Monday.

The latest episode of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 followed Theo Magath and Hange Zoe deciding that they should take one of the Azumabitos' flying ships. However, Onyankopon points out that the ship is useless without its engineers. It is then decided that they should rescue the Azumabitos and escape with the ship. However, their infiltration goes awry and Armin Arlert and Connie Springer end up making an important choice.

Attack on Titan Episode 86 is titled Retrospective ("Kaiko") and is named after the manga's Chapter 129. The episode will air on Monday, March 21, 2022, at 12:05 AM JST.

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