AT&T Says WB’s Upcoming Releases Like Wonder Woman 1984 Could See Additional Delay

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It looks like Warner Brother's upcoming releases may see further delay, including the highly anticipated DC Extended Universe Wonder Woman sequel.

COVID-19 has taken quite a toll on the entertainment industry. Not only has the novel coronavirus pandemic forced cinemas to shut down and subsequently delayed major blockbusters like Mulan, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman 1984, but it's also forced studios to put a halt on the production of upcoming film and television projects.


Though Wonder Woman 1984 seems to be keeping its October 2, 2020 release, There are new reports saying that the pandemic may force further delays on Warner Brothers projects.

AT&T CFO John Stephens just recently spoke during the Oppenheimer Virtual Technology, Internet & Communications Conference to discuss the effects of the novel coronavirus on the way the company's been distributing its content and how AT&T intends to adapt to these trying times (via Heroic Hollywood).

During the discussion, Stephens was asked about the company's upcoming flm releases, and it seems like Stephens wasn't so sure about what was going to happen.

"I am not certain where those are going to go," Stephen said. However, according to the CFO, it seemed like "further delays in some of the titles" would be inevitable.


Though he did not mention which titles might see a delay, Warner Brother's closest-releasing films include its Wonder Woman sequel and Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

It comes as no surprise that Warner Brothers would want to delay its releases. Governments may have begun to open up, but the world still has to deal with COVID-19.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to premiere on October 2, 2020.

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