Ash Vs Evil Dead Star Teases The Casts Return In A New Evil Dead Videogame

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It's been a few months since season 3 of Ash vs the Evil Dead bowed out of Starz, but while Sam Raimi's comedy-horror television series has just gotten canceled by its network, it looks like Evil Dead franchise fans can still expect to see more of the series' cast pretty soon.

Speaking in an interview with Dread Central,Ash vs Evil Dead star Ray Santiago (Ash's sidekick Pablo) just teased the possibility of him playing his character again in an upcoming Evil Dead video game. Though the actor doesn't give the game's name just yet, he does tease the return of the other cast members as well.


"I would say that we stick together in everything that we do. We're the Ghost Beaters, so I would say yeah! We're all going to be part of this!" the actor told the publication confidently.

The site also tried to pry information about the game from the Ash vs Evil Dead star, asking what exactly would the upcoming Evil Dead game would entail. Would there possibly be any VR involved in the project?

Though Santiago tries his best to keep his mouth shut, he also plays coy about his answer, telling the site that they're pretty warm with their guesses.

"I'm not sure if I'm allowed to answer these questions. I feel like you're warm," the actor admits. "I feel like you're really warm! I'm at the beach right now and it's really, really hot. Like, really warm!"

Of course, Santiago doesn't give that much information. Right now the game's still in development and we'll probably get more info about the game as soon as work starts finishing up.

The Evil Dead video game doesn't have a release date just yet but we'll let everyone know as soon as we get word.

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