Artemis Fowl Actor Josh Gad has Heartwarming Reaction to Judi Dench's Compliment

Working with a screen legend can be a major highlight in an actor's career. However, it looks like Josh Gad got extremely lucky when he got the chance to star with Judi Dench in Artemis Fowl. Dench has paid Gad a sweet compliment and his reaction to the praise is truly heartwarming.

Gad recently spoke to Collider to promote Artemis Fowl and it was revealed that Dench had previously stated that she was "learning" from him. Not surprisingly, the Frozen 2 star was shocked to learn this and had the sweetest response.

"Can you give me a second while I cry and call my mother? Can you give me a second while I cry and call my 10-year-old self?" Gad said. He then continued that Dench and director Kenneth Branagh were his inspiration in college.

"The idea that a woman, who I revere as one of the greatest actresses of all time. For her to say that about me, I have to laugh at it because, one, it's not true. And two, it is the most incredible honor that I could ever be given. To have her spew that bullshit in front of me. Guys, not trying to win you over, but it's… She's amazing. I adore her," Gad said.

We can't really blame him for being overwhelmed. After all, Dench is one of the most respected actors in the industry today. Needless to say, we're happy for Gad and hope he can deal with the idea of being Dench's inspiration.

Gad and Dench will appear in Artemis Fowl, which premieres on Disney+ on June 12.

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