Arrow's Marc Guggenheim Comments on Possibly Directing Spider-Verse Spin-Off Jackpot

Fans were rather surprised when it was revealed that Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim is writing a Jackpot spin-off movie for Sony. The character was a relevant part of Spider-Man stories during his Brand New Day phase, though her importance has been reduced a lot. That could all change when the movie is officially announced, though fans are curious if Guggenheim is interested in directing this Spider-Verse movie.

Speaking with, Guggenheim revealed that he thinks he isn't ready to direct a feature-length film, at least not yet. Interestingly enough, the man is "dying" to direct another episode of television and even said that he eventually wants to direct something he writes. Obviously, fans are interested in Guggenheim working on Jackpot, though others think he should direct Prophet, another comic book movie he's writing.

"I think I'm pretty far away from being able to direct a big budget feature film. That said, I am very, very interested and really quite frankly, desperate, to direct another episode of television, and one day I would love to direct something that I've written."

The CW's DC shows have been a mixed bag, managing to have some decent moments amidst the hokey writing and weird stories. Arrow and The Flash have suffered from repetition a bit, though their crossovers have made a lot of fans happy. Hopefully, Guggenheim does better with Jackpot since he has written the character in comics before.

No release date for Jackpot has been announced.

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