Arrow Goes On, But Green Arrow Ends This March With Issue #50

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Arrow is still going strong as one of the CW Network's highest-drawing shows. It was so popular that it spawned several spin-off series' like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman in the near future. Because of the show's popularity, you'd think that the Green Arrow comic book DC Comics is publishing would be doing well.

Despite it having one of the best-selling DC Rebirth issues when it came out, Green Arrow will be concluding after issue #50, which comes out this March. This might be a shocker to some casual fans but those that have been reading the comics feel that the writing was in the wall ever since Ben Percy left the series.

The series will be going out in an interesting fashion, as a double-sized issue that ties into Justice League: No Justice and Heroes in Crisis. Recent issues had Oliver reacting to the death of his former sidekick Roy Harper aka Arsenal or Red Arrow, so connecting to Heroes in Crisis makes sense. However, tying into No Justice is a bit odd since this year's Green Arrow Annual #2 did that job just fine.

Here's the solicitation for the series' final issue (via Newsarama):

Green Arrow #50 comes out this March. Don't expect this to be the true end for the character, as a relaunch could always happen.

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