Army of the Dead Prequel Will Hold the Answer to the Film's Sequel

Netflix has great faith in Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead that even before it was released on the streaming platform, it was first released in some theaters. Not only did Netflix release the film in theaters, but it also greenlighted a prequel even before the film came out.

One of the announced Army of the Dead's prequel projects holds some details for the potential of a sequel. Snyder talked with YouTube channel where he discussed a potential sequel for the Army of the Dead. The director was also asked if the sequel will escalate the stakes more than the first film.

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Snyder replied that he already knows what the sequel will be and has already figured it out. He added that when fans get to see the animated series, they will already understand in some ways how the sequel will proceed. Plainly put, the answer is that the scale of the sequel will be bigger than the first one.

Actor Omari Hardwick and Snyder have confirmed that there is already a sequel to Army of the Dead that has been mapped out. Snyder stated that if there was more demand or as he said "desire" for more Army of the Dead, he already knows where the story will go and that they are ready.

The Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is an anime series that will detail the Zombie Wars that led to Las Vegas getting quarantined compared to the rest of the world. The anime series will be directed by Jay Oliva and Snyder. The Justice League director will also produce the anime series through his Stone Quarry studio. Lost Vegas will feature some star-studded cast such as Christian Slater and Joe Manganiello. Dave Bautista will also reprise his role in the voice cast as Scott Ward.

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