Archer is Going Sci-Fi with New Trailer for Archer: 1999

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FXX's Archer continues to play with genres and this year will have the team flying off to space with Archer: 1999. The show is expected to debut sometime next month, and we finally have a new trailer showing off Archer and the rest of ISIS' crazy shenanigans—in space.

Just like previous seasons, each member of the team will have a different backstory or form in this upcoming season. Archer is now the co-captain of the USS Figgis with Lana playing the part of his co-captain. Cheryl/Carol is going to be a fighter pilot with Krieger playing the synthetic android a la Bishop from Aliens. Pam is now a ‘brutish' alienoid, and Ray is being described as the ‘loneliest courtesan in the galaxy.'

It was also teased before that Mallory will be the ship's AI, but she comes in her human form in the trailer; most likely this is another synthetic android, but it would also make sense that the AI would be based on a real person. Since the ship is also named Figgis, I have a feeling that Cyril will be playing the wealthy employer that the crew is working for.


While I still expect this season of Archer to be a good bit of fun, I was kind of hoping that they give us a continuation of the story happening in the ‘real world.' As of now, Archer is still in a coma, and the past two seasons have been dream sequences for him. Hopefully, we find out what's happened to baby AJ after all this time.

Catch Archer: 1999 when it premieres on FXX on May 29.

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