13 Feb 2019 6:31 PM +00:00 UTC

Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Teases The Future Of DC Films

Warner Brothers might have struggled with its DC Extended Universe movies before Aquaman but now that Jason Momoa's very first standalone film as Arthur Curry's made its way to the big screen, the studio's stopped looking for a shared universe event like the one they had in Justice League. Now, with a bright universe ahead, Momoa teases the future of upcoming DC movies.

While the Aquaman star refuses to spill any direct details, he does tell fans that they have "no idea what's coming" in a recent video the actor put up on Instagram.

Take a look at Momoa's promise down here:

Right now it seems like Momoa is meeting with Warner Brothers, hopefully for good things. Though it's not exactly news for Momoa to speak with the studio after Aquaman's success, word has it that the studio's gearing up to get Aquaman 2 on the road, and so Momoa might have been asked to sign his contract earlier.


Yesterday, news came out that Aquaman 2 was finally moving forward with one of the original movie's co-writers writing the script for the follow-up. Warner Brothers is trying to get director James Wan to return and guide the project, but the filmmaker refused to join the crew unless the studio would finally get its hands on a "seaworthy" script for the project. Hopefully, Warner Brothers manages to convince Wan to return. The director did an excellent job on Aquaman. We're pretty sure he'd do the same in the second movie.

Aquaman is currently screening in cinemas.

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