Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Doesn't Want to Talk About THAT Controversial Peacemaker Scene

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

Jason Momoa's Aquaman quickly became the center of attention during Peacemaker's grand finale after it was "confirmed" that the King of Atlantis sleeps with aquatic animals. If you haven't seen the epic Season 1 conclusion (and I'm questioning you for it), it was revealed that the rumor surrounding Aquaman's rather bizarre sex life was actually factual with his own Justice League compeer Barry Allen aka The Flash throwing him under the bus.

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Credit: WB

The sequence was undeniably hilarious but it raised a lot of eyebrows within the community who thought the character was being brought back to his days of camp. While James Gunn did previously clarify that Momoa didn't find any issue with the inclusion of the Aquaman running gag, it seems like Momoa himself still isn't comfortable answering questions about Arthur Curry's sex life.

When ComicBook's Brandon Davis attempted to ask Momoa what kind of fish it was (referring to that controversial Peacemaker joke), Momoa chose to ignore the subject in the most awkward way possible. Momoa, obviously taken aback by the question played it cool in the end but still refused to entertain the topic. Check out here:

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While I found the exchange between Peacemaker and Aquaman incredibly funny, I hope this doesn't lead to Arthur being treated as a joke in the DC Extended Universe because that would be like discrediting all of James Wan's hard work turning the character into a badass hero that he is now.

Jason Momoa will reprise his Arthur Curry role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, hitting cinemas later this year.

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