Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Becomes The Crow in Recently Resurfaced Test Footage

Before he became Aquaman in the DCEU, there was a time when Jason Momoa was going to star in a reboot of The Crow. The project was almost a certain thing as they have hired a director and it was close to getting into production, but things fell apart (mostly due to financial reasons) and it got canceled. Until today, the reboot is still stuck in development hell.

You might be wondering about what Momoa would have looked like as The Crow. Now, we have the answer as filmmaker user Ryan Unicomb posted on Twitter the never-before-seen test footage of Momoa as The Crow. The clip was just short, but it gave us a look at the actor in shape and in make-up as the character. You can view it here:

Looking at the history, it seems that the test footage was shot around 2016, the year where Momoa was cast on the role and was reported by the trades about the development of the project. However, Momoa and director Colin Hardy, who was attached to helm, left the project around 2018. Ever since then, there hasn't been any update about the reboot and most have assumed that the project is done for good.

Before the Aquaman star was attached, several actors were either cast or rumored to be in consideration in various iterations of the project. Some of the notable names are Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, and Jack Huston.

Even though Momoa didn't end up starring as The Crow, things still went well for him as he is now starring as Aquaman in the DCEU and it has become his iconic role. His first solo Aquaman movie became the first DCEU film to earn one billion dollars at the box office. A sequel titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is currently in production, with a release planned for next year.

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