Aquaman Star Amber Heard Reportedly Being Eyed by Sony for Black Cat Role

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We've known for years that Sony has intended to build its own Spider-Man Universe and we've seen it kick-off via 2018's Venom. Other notable Spider-Man villains like Morbius and Carnage will soon be making their live-action appearances and plans for a Silver Sable and Black Cat spinoff project have already been established as well.

Now, according to a new report from the good folks over at We Got This Covered, Sony already has their sights set on the actress who could potentially play Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat in the aforementioned project. The report claims that Aquaman star Amber Heard is being eyed for the role in the Silver & Black series which is currently in development. Nothing has been confirmed yet so of course, like any other rumor, take this one with a huge grain of salt. It's also worth noting that previous reports suggested that Amber has been campaigning for a role in the Marvel Universe so if she ends up landing the role, don't be too surprised.

In case you're not familiar with the character, Black Cat has long been associated with Spider-Man and has at one point, shared a romantic relationship with Peter Parker. The character somewhat serves as Marvel's version of Catwoman, and although fans have always seen her as a mere bootleg of the iconic DC character, Black Cat has garnered a strong following throughout the years. She's also been portrayed as Morbius' love interest, in the animated world, at least.

Now, it can't be denied that Amber's popularity in the geek community grew exponentially following her appearances in Justice League and Aquaman and I couldn't really blame her if she wants to jump ship to the Marvel Universe. I'm not quite sure though if it would be a move worth taking a gamble for considering Amber has become the most hated celebrity these days but hey, I guess there's no other way but to separate the actors' careers from their personal lives.

Speaking of Sony's Marvel film Universe, Morbius is expected to hit cinemas early next year.

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Credit: Marvel