Aquaman Star Amber Heard Faces Abuse Accusations from Former Assistant

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We've proven over the last couple of years that Amber Heard is synonymous with controversy and the star of the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom can't seem to catch a break from all the issues that surround her private life. Well, at least her Hollywood career is flourishing as of late despite the allegations that she's currently facing.

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Credit: wb

However, if you thought Amber's issues only concern her ex-husband Johnny Depp, you've got it all wrong. Apparently, besides the former Pirates of the Caribbean actor, more people close to Heard have allegedly felt the infamous wrath of the actress and her true colors behind the camera.

According to a report from Codelist, Amber's former assistant of three years was no stranger to the actress' usual temper tantrums. Kate James is accusing the DCEU actress of verbally attacking her whenever she snaps. James said: "She was always blind with anger, then nobody could talk to her sensibly anymore. I was to blame for everything that went wrong. revealed the former assistant. She literally yelled at me for hours and insulted me."

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Let's face it, Amber doesn't have the cleanest reputation in Hollywood especially right now and the new accusations being thrown at her by the people who have worked closely with her only put her in an even more difficult spot. Next year could mark the grand finale of her legal battle with Depp and you can best believe that Amber's camp will do everything in their power to gain the upper hand ahead of the trial.

Meanwhile, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters in December 2022.