14 Dec 2017 12:30 PM +00:00 UTC

Aquaman: Patrick Wilson Still Optimistic About The DCEU

Despite Justice League's disappointing turnout, Warner Bros. is still moving forward with more DCEU films. Aquaman will be coming out next December, while bothShazam and Wonder Woman 2 are slated for a 2019 release. Justice League might not have been the success people wanted it to be but there's still hope that future movies can turn things around. Aquaman villain Patrick Wilson feels similarly.

Speaking with Metro, Wilson chose to ignore a question regarding the bad reputation the DCEU has and focused on the projects he is currently working on, such as Aquaman. Wilson seems to think highly of the film's director James Wan since he made a comment about how easy it would be to hire yes men, pointing out that the people he works with are not yes men.

As a fan, I sit back and see the choices that they make for directors and they are very strong, focused, individual directors and that takes confidence. It easy to hire someone that is just a yes man. And they're certainly not, which is very exciting.

While he wasn't a standout character in Justice League like The Flash was, there were enough interesting elements about Aquaman that would make this film compelling. He brought up how his mother left him with his human father and never visited, showing that he has abandonment issues. Wilson will be playing Aquaman's half-brother Ocean Master, who feels he is the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, so the actor has quite the meaty role.

Aquaman is slated for a December 21, 2018, release.

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