20 Mar 2019 1:43 PM +00:00 UTC

Aquaman Gets Honest Trailer

Remember Aquaman? The nerd who talks to fish? Well, he’s gone from zero to hunky hero. Watch as the pure charisma of Jason Momoa supercharges the character, transforming him into a sexy, undersea Superman who’s super fast, super strong… a lot of the time, and… mostly invulnerable?

Besides Avengers: Infinity WarAquaman came out as one of the biggest films from last year. Now Screen Junkies has released their Honest Trailer take on the film that officially brought the DCEU franchise back from the dead.


Admittedly, the movie isn’t perfect, despite all the praise it got when it came out. Besides the terrible wigs they got for Mera and Atlanna, there was also a lot of inconsistencies when it came to Arthur Curry’s skill set. I also couldn’t unsee it after it was mentioned that the movie has a lot of surprise explosions in it.

Aquaman was such a huge film for the DCEU, and it went to so many places that a lot of people are wondering how a sequel would be a faithful follow-up. Admittedly, director James Wan will be taking his time when it comes to the next movie, seeing as the release for Aquaman 2 has been set for 2022.

For now, DC is at an all-time high with Aquaman, and the pressure is on for Shazam! to deliver another great film. The trailers do look great though, and Zachary Levi is just so fun to watch as a young kid trapped in a superhero’s body.

Catch Shazam! in theaters April 5.

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