Aquaman 2 Will Bring Back Patrick Wilson's Ocean Master

Aquaman 2 was briefly discussed during the DC Fandome event and fans were quite intrigued by the details revealed. Director James Wan is returning but rather than continue doing what made the first film successful - basically making it a fun blockbuster like the Marvel films - it's going to be darker and have fewer jokes, which is pretty bold. They also confirmed that Patrick Wilson will be returning to the movie and reprising his role as Ocean Master.

Ocean Master, or Orn, lost a duel to Jason Mamoa's Aquaman and relinquished his crown to his brother. The character was also likely jailed for his war crimes but since he's returning, fans are wondering what kind of role he will be playing. Wilson jokingly brought up his character's fate by asking if he will be wearing seaweed handcuffs throughout the sequel but details are still mum.

The fact that they are making this movie more serious and dark is going to be an interesting direction if anything else. Aquaman might have won over audiences and some critics but a lot of people weren't fans of the original so going to a route that James Wan might be more familiar with could actually work.

Currently, Aquaman 2 is slated for a December 16, 2022 release. That is a long time away so here's hoping nothing bad happens and the current pandemic has softened by then.

Via ScreenRant

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