Ant-Man 2 Actor Seemingly Forgets He's Ever Starred in an MCU Movie

Is it possible that some actors tend to forget the projects they participated in? It could be if the movie or series happened a long time ago and they have already starred in numerous projects since. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania recently kicked off Marvel’s Phase 5, and it received mixed reactions from fans and critics. Before the threequel was even released, some fans already believed that the first two movies are bad, and one actor who starred in Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) recently made a vague comment that seemingly implied that he forgot he acted in the movie, which made fans believe that Ant-Man movies are truly forgettable, to begin with.

During an interview with the Phase Zero podcast, Ant-Man 2 star Laurence Fishburne appeared to forget about his role as Bill Foster in the MCU. The actor was asked what geeky stuff he grew up loving and wishes to see one day. “I’m an MCU guy, man. I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And as much as I would love to be in it, I’m happy being a fan and waiting for whatever’s coming. Like I just heard, I was in Atlanta, and I heard they’re getting ready to do another Captain America. I’m like (rubs hands together, yes! Bring it!” said Fishburne.

The John Wick actor’s statement happened to confuse the fans, who are quoting that "as much as I would love to be in it," saying that Fishburne might have forgotten he was already in an MCU movie. (See fans’ reactions below.) However, some pointed out that the actor was saying that he wished he was included in the upcoming Captain America or the future of the MCU. To recall, Fishburne was asked if his character would be seen again in the franchise, to which he replied, “What if I told you I don’t know? I don’t know.”

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Given the trilogy's current reputation in the MCU outing, most fans are no longer expecting a fourth film, although Marvel producer Stephen Broussard previously said they are already thinking about an Ant-Man 4. “We're already thinking about it,” said. “It's like every movie has its battle, and you bear the scars of making it and wanting to make it great. But hope springs eternal, and you start to put yourself back together after the journey of making the movie... Those conversations, those whispers, have already started to happen between me, Peyton [Reed, director], and Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios President].”

Whether Fishburne’s Bill will appear in another Ant-Man offering or a different MCU movie, some fans are on board with the idea of having the actor in the franchise’s future.

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