Anime Characters Who Blur the Lines of Gender

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Each anime has that one unique character that we will always remember. It can be the protagonist, the antagonist, the partner of the antagonist, or some character with a unique personality.

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But for some fans, they are amazed at characters who do not follow the typical female or male gender roles in terms of personality and looks. These characters will surprise fans once they revealed their true gender. But by the end of the day, does gender really matter? We compiled 5 characters who blur the lines of gender.


1. Momiji Sohma – Fruits Basket

Anime Characters Who Blur the Lines of Gender 1

Momiji possesses the Rabbit spirit of the Zodiacs. He is short with a small frame that instantly gives a cute vibe. He has blonde wavy hair with messy bangs. To add to that, he likes wearing outfits that have feminine patterns. At school, he wears the girl's uniform and changed the skirt to shorts.

2. Haku – Naruto

Anime Characters Who Blur the Lines of Gender 2

Haku is from the Land of Water, who became a shinobi. He travels with Zabuza as he is an orphan. When Naruto first saw him, he thought he was beautiful. Haku has an androgynous appearance with long black hair and a slender frame. He can easily be mistaken as a female, especially when he is wearing his pink kimono with colored swirls as the design.

3. Haruhi Fujioka – Ouran High School Host Club

Anime Characters Who Blur the Lines of Gender 3

Haruhi is the protagonist of the series, Ouran High School Host Club. Before she moved to Ouran High, she had long black hair, and people perceive her as beautiful. She eventually changed her look to a boyish, nerdy student. Her clothes are shapeless and masculine. She also sometimes wears large glasses.


4. Akito – Fruits Basket

Anime Characters Who Blur the Lines of Gender 4

Akito is the God of the Zodiacs. She was born as female, but her mother made her dress up as a male to prevent her from winning Akira over. She has an androgynous appearance with nape-length hair. She wears clothes that have many layers or sometimes she purposely wears male clothing.

5. Armin Arlert – Attack on Titan

Anime Characters Who Blur the Lines of Gender 5

Unlike the four mentioned, Armin does not necessarily wear female clothing. He has an androgynous feature with a long undercut with bangs. He has a slim feature when he was young, which makes him the perfect double for Historia Reiss. There was a specific episode when he had to act like her to fool the enemies. He was even molested as the kidnappers thought he was a female.

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