Animator Quits Job at MAPPA, Exposes Toxic Environment and Overworked Employees

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Credit: MAPPA

MAPPA is no longer a stranger to fan criticism and just recently, the production company has faced backlash for Attack on Titan: The Final Season's "sloppy" animation and reliance on CGI. Now, the studio is once again coming under fire after one of its employees and popular animators quit his job and later exposed the company's toxic work environment. In a feisty Twitter post, Mushiyo revealed that he has officially exited the studio due to terrible working conditions and confirmed that he has officially transferred to a new production company.

Mushiyo pretty much confirmed online speculations accusing MAPPA of overworking its animators. In a series of tweets, the popular Japanese animator says he regrets working hard to join MAPPA and revealed that employees are obligated to work excessively. He wrote: "I don't know why I worked hard to join the company, I don't know why some of the employees were sprinkled outside or stray. Work week, after work week, after work week, after work week. Would you like to fix it until morning??? One of the reasons I decided to quit."

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Credit: MAPPA

In a subsequent tweet, Mushiyo continued to lambast MAPPA and claimed he was asked to do four tasks all at once. He said: "Still, it would be nice if we could focus on developing original drawings in the company, but of course we couldn't afford that time. Well, if you do 4 works at once, you don't have time to teach."

It's unclear whether or not Mushiyo will take legal action against the studio. MAPPA has yet to respond to Mushiyo's statements but if his claims are in fact true, it would be disastrous for the animation company especially now that they're considered as one of the top dogs in the world of anime. Should the allegations be proven, I hope the company learns a valuable lesson from it and would treat its employees better or they'll lose more animators in the future.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 will premiere in Winter 2022.

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