Angelina Jolie Shock: Eternal Star Crashed Co-Star Salma Hayek's Birthday, Shoved Celebrant's Face Into Her Cake

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

Angelina Jolie shockingly crashed her Eternals co-star Salma Hayek's birthday and even shoved her face into the cake.

Jolie, 47, and Hayek, 55, both star in the upcoming Marvel movie Eternals. Hayek, who celebrated her birthday last month, detailed how Jolie crashed and became a key player in the celebration.

Angelina Jolie Crashed Eternals Co-Star Salma Hayek's Birthday

Hayek appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday. During the interview, she detailed her birthday celebration.

"There was no birthday party," she was quoted by Entertainment Tonight as saying. "All of those people were crashers. I said, 'I don't want a birthday party this year.' I had to work all day."

However, 25 people showed at her door even if she told them there would be no birthday party. Hayek felt that maybe they were sad for her because it was her first birthday when she was away from her husband and kids.

"Everybody felt sorry for my loneliness and they just showed up to my house," she added.

Her guests prepared a Mexican birthday celebration for her. The tradition includes "mordida," which means "a bite." The birthday celebrant has to bite the cake with their mouth without using their hands, and there is always another one who hits the celebrant and sticks their face inside the cake. And the person who hit Hayek and stuck her face into her birthday cake was no other than Jolie, herself.

Jolie's Initial Reaction Before Pushing Hayek's Face Into Her Birthday Cake

According to Hayek, Jolie was reluctant to do the job. When they were chanting "mordida!" the Maleficent star asked what was happening.

They explained to Jolie the tradition. The Mr. & Mrs. Smith actress initially refused.

"Oh no, no I cannot do that," Jolie said.

Jolie got over it and just did the job. In a video Hayek shared, Brad Pitt's ex-ladylove helped her put her face into her birthday cake before falling back on the couch and covering her face.

Eternals Co-Stars Forged A Strong Friendship On Set

In a previous interview with ET Canada, Hayek gushed over Jolie. According to her, she loves Brad Pitt's ex-wife.

"I love her. I sincerely think she's so much more special than everything you see and she's such a good mom," Hayek said about her Eternals co-star.

She added that their Marvel movie connected them. Initially, she thought Jolie would be cold because she is an icon. However, she was very surprised because Jolie was "warn and lovely."

Jolie and Hayek's other co-star, Kumail Nanjiani, also opened up about filming with the two celebrities. He had nothing but praises for both women.

According to him, Jolie would not go back to her trailer and hang out with them on set. Meanwhile, Hayek would love to have dinners and people over.


"They are amazing. I have learned so much from watching both of them. Just how to be a pro, you know? I was so impressed. They are always on time, they know all the words, they are very thoughtful about how they work and they really wanted to create a family," Nanjiani added.

Eternals will hit theaters on Nov. 5