Andy Serkis Opens Up About Not Returning to Direct Venom 3

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Last week, we found out that Kelly Marcel, who co-produced and co-wrote the first two Venom films, will be directing the third installment of the Sony/Marvel franchise. Since then, some fans have been wondering why Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis did not return to helm the next film and now we finally have the answer from the actor-director himself.

Speaking recently with SlashFilm, Serkis was asked about his thoughts on the hiring of Marcel as the director of the third film and whether he was actually in contention to return to helm the project after working on the second film.

While the actor-director spoke highly of his experience in directing the second installment, he ended up deciding to not helm the third film due to scheduling conflicts since he is already attached to other projects that he wants to prioritize at the moment.

"Look, I had a ball doing [Venom: Let There Be Carnage]. Tom Hardy is such a good friend of mine, and I felt very proud of the work, and we had such fun doing it. To be the custodian of that franchise for a little while was great," Serkis said.

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"I've got so many projects that I was just about to [work on], like Animal Farm for instance. We were just about to go into production with that, and then we delayed as Venom came up. I really have to be very on top of the ones that I've been building to do for such a long time."

In terms of Marcel's hiring as the director of the third film, he said, "But I'm really delighted that Kelly's doing that. She's so in control of that material with Tom. The pair of them are such a great team to work with. I'm really excited to see what they're going to come up with."

It is not surprising to hear that Serkis backed out of helming the third film due to the numerous projects that he is working on at the moment. After all, he is both a director and an actor and perhaps he really just can't commit to working for another Venom film that would require him another significant amount of time on his schedule.

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Sony has not set a release window yet for Venom 3. You can check more details about it here.


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