Andor Showrunner Reveals the Directors for Season 2

As Andor is currently airing its first season, they are also preparing for the production of the second season which is set to begin shortly. Since showrunner Tony Gilroy is not expected to helm episodes of the next installment just like in the first season, he has recruited a number of talents to direct the new batch of episodes instead.

Speaking recently with Collider, Gilroy revealed that Ariel Kleiman, Janus Metz, and Alonso Ruizpalacios will direct the episode blocks in the second season of Andor. All of them are newcomers to the series since none of the directors from the first season are returning for the upcoming installment.

Kleiman will direct six episodes that will be split into two blocks just like what Toby Haynes did in the first episode. He is known for directing episodes of TV shows such as Yellowjackets, The Resort, Truth Be Told, and Top of the Lake.

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Metz is a Danish director who is known for helming the films All the Old Knives and Borg vs. McEnroe and directed episodes of True Detective and ZeroZeroZero. Ruizpalacios is a Mexican filmmaker who directed episodes of Vida, Outer Range, and Narcos: Mexico, which starred Diego Luna.

While Gilroy or any of the first-season directors will not be coming back to helm the second season, it sounds like the show is still in good hands since all three names are directors who have great resume and has proved that they are talented filmmakers in their own right.

It is curious to see if we might see some changes in its tone and style since there are new directors for the second season. However, for now, let's see how the rest of the first season will unfold before we anticipate the next installment.

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New episodes of Andor premiere every Wednesday on Disney+. You can check the countdown for the next episode here.

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