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Andor: Diego Luna Confirms Time Jump in Upcoming Episode

So far, the first five episodes of Andor have been set around roughly a week. Considering that the series is supposed to cover the entire five years before the events of Rogue One, there are viewers who are wondering whether we will ever see a time jump happening soon in the series in order to move up the pace of the story and fully explore the five-year formation of the Rebellion.

Speaking recently with TVLine, star Diego Luna confirmed that we will indeed be expecting a time jump that will happen in the series soon since it is their plan to have all 12 episodes of the first season cover an entire year.

"There is, there is, yeah," the actor said. "We have 12 episodes to cover a year so what happens with the series — and again, I ‘blame’ Tony Gilroy — is just when you think you understand what [the show] is going to be like, what kind of tone you’re going to be in, what characters are going to be around and what the setting is, the series will take you somewhere else and you will go and start from scratch."

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He continued, "That way the series can transform to be yes, the adventure-and-action piece that you would hope a Star Wars is, but then it will be able to turn into a spy thriller and become very political, and then in a moment become very intimate and character-driven, and then back to the big scope."

Luna also added that since spanning one year over just one season is a "long time," Tony Gilroy managed to take the "[storytelling opportunity] to the next level."

Based on the events of the five episodes and what might potentially happen in the sixth episode, it looks like a time jump is indeed looming soon and there is a chance that we will see it in the seventh episode. Nonetheless, it is curious to see how they'll manage to effectively pace the time jump in the upcoming episodes and not make it look jarring.

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New episodes of Andor premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.

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