American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Which TikTok Rumor Will Ryan Murphy's Anthology Spinoff Feature Next?

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Credit: FX Networks/YouTube

We already knew that we'd be getting more horror stories in the form of American Horror Stories Season 2 because it was renewed before the first season even ended, but now we know when.

American Horror Stories Season 2: What to Expect

Most specifics about the upcoming American Horror Stories Season 2 are still unknown, but with Murphy's terrifying universe drawing influence from popular TikTok rumors and genre classics like Rosemary's Baby, fans will certainly find something to love from the many tales presented.

In the first season, a popular TikTok rumor was brought to life in Episode 6, titled Feral.

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It tells the story of a young couple whose 3-year-old son goes missing while camping in the fictional Kern Canyon National Park. A hunter tracks down Jay and Addy Gantz after 10 years to tell them he knows what happened to their son Jacob, only for the terrible nature of the woods to reveal itself.

A subpopulation of cannibalistic humans known as "Feral Nation" lives deep in the woods and has genetically mutated over time in the national park where they camp.

Jay and Addy learn Jacob has been raised by the Ferals and now serves as their de facto king in the American Horror Stories Episode 6 ending twist.

American Horror Stories Season 2 release date

FX has revealed the release date for the second season of the American Horror Story spinoff. The network said the second installment of American Horror Stories will premiere on Hulu on Thursday, July 21, as part of its summer lineup of new and returning shows.

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It will be intriguing to see what concepts are realized this time around, as well as who will join the American Horror Stories Season 2 increasing ensemble. As the July release date approaches, there will undoubtedly be enough for fans to look forward to when the anthology comes to FX on Hulu.

The American Horror Story spinoff, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, premiered on Hulu in July and comprised of seven episodes offering standalone narratives that explored various horrific myths and legends from the franchise.

While critical reactions to the new anthology series were divided, the previous show's large following resulted in high ratings, leading to the announcement of American Horror Stories Season 2.

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