American Gods 2 Finally Gets a Release Date

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American Gods came out last year with sparkling reviews, but the show has caught quite the bit of a snag behind the scenes. After what looks to be a year of delays, we finally have the official announcement for when Season 2 will be released.

Check it out:

Just in case it doesn't load, American Gods 2 comes back March 10 next year, and will see the return of the adventures of Shadow Moon and his shady boss Mr. Wednesday. The first season actually covered only half of the novel's story, and we should be getting the rest of it when the show returns.


It is worth noting that a lot of elements from the book have been expanded and altered. For one, we don't really get to know what happens to Laura outside of Shadow's perspective, but the show gives us her POV this time around. The character of Mad Sweeney is also expanded, and he actually finds himself stuck with Laura trying to get his lucky coin back.

Originally ran by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Michael Green, American Gods had found a new showrunner last February with Jesse Alexander. Last September, however, there was news coming out that Alexander had also been ‘fired but not fired' from the show. It's said that the reason too keep Alexander loosely attached was so that the series wouldn't receive so much backlash from firing three showrunners in the span of two seasons.

Surely, with all this bad BTS news, it's sure to affect the quality of the second season, but hopefully the studio knows what it's doing as it moves forward. Judging by what studio meddling has gotten the DCEU, I think this might turn out ugly.

Fingers crossed it doesn't.

American Gods 2 returns to Starz on March 10, 2019.

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