AMC Theaters Moves Grand Re-Opening to August

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It looks like big people got cold feet after Warner Bros. pulled Tenet from their release schedule as AMC Theaters has announced that they will delay their grand re-opening from late July to a vague August release date. This is pretty surprising when you consider how Disney and Warner Bros. have been letting some of their older movies get re-released but the movie is supposed to be a big draw after all.

According to Deadline, the United States has plans to open 450 theaters once things settle down a bit but have yet to decide on which screeners should be opened. The fact that they want to open sometime in August could mean that people in AMC are banking for Mulan to keep its August 21 release date so that there can be a solid attendance record. It's a new Disney remake after all.

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Credit: Warner Bros.

We're all hoping for a sense of normalcy to come back so that people can watch movies with their loved ones like in the good old days. Unfortunately, some people thought eating bats would be a good idea and now we're in this hot mess. You can definitely feel for AMC Theaters here since movie houses are one of the many businesses badly affected by current circumstances and we hope things get better.

Currently, AMC Theaters has not given a proper return date for its grand re-opening, though we're sure more details will come soon. Mulan is currently scheduled for an August 21 release and we're sure AMC will open before then to give the film some hype.

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