AMC Head Comments on Mulan Coming to Disney+ Instead of Theaters

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AMC Theaters is open again and though COVID-19 is still a threat to everyone in the world, the hope is that they can make some money while reminding people of how awesome it is to watch movies in a theater again. Sadly, that's just how the economy rolls and you can't blame most for trying to make money again, despite the dangers that come with it.

That being said, AMC made a hissy-fit when Trolls 2 released digitally but won't do the same for the Disney+ debut of Mulan. Why? Because Disney is a big enough entity to not piss off, that's why.

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Credit: Disney

Speaking with Variety, AMC boss Adam Aron said that much like his company is under duress, Disney is also doing what they can to get by at this trying time. It would almost sound nice if this same company didn't attempt to blacklist Universal from showing off their movies after releasing Trolls 2 digitally.

"Just like AMC is under duress, Disney's under pressure too, and at some point they've got to monetize their movie product."

While Aron does bring up how Disney could have made some money with a limited screening for Mulan, he doesn't get too angry with them, if at all. We're not saying Trolls 2 or Universal Pictures are sin-free or anything like that but when you remember how angry AMC was over that, this is pretty comical in comparison.

Disney's live-action Mulan is now available on Disney+ for an additional $29.99. It will be free on Disney+ later in the year.

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