Amber Heard Debunks Hollywood Retirement But Has No Plans of Returning to America

Credit: WB

Credit: WB

It's been a full year since Amber Heard lost the multi-million defamation lawsuit her ex-husband Johnny Depp filed against her. Since then, the star of the Aquaman franchise has been keeping things lowkey in her private life, quietly moving to Spain with her daughter Oonagh Paige and girlfriend Bianca Butti.

Naturally, her sudden disappearance from the spotlight has led to loads of speculation, especially about her acting career. Last year, malicious rumors circulated online that she was offered a lucrative deal to star in an adult film project, something that has yet to be confirmed nor denied.

One thing Amber confirmed, however, is that her Hollywood career is far from over, despite what the most recent reports are saying. For the uninitiated, the controversial actress has reportedly "retired" from Hollywood and has chosen to live a normal life in Spain.

Amber Heard Says Hollywood Career Will Continue But Admits She'd Love to Stay in Spain

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Credit: WB

Amidst reports claiming that the 37-year-old star has given up on her Hollywood career, she recently confirmed that she still has acting projects lined up. In a viral Tiktok video (via New York Post), Heard can be seen answering questions (translated to English) from a fan in front of her Spanish home.

When asked how life has been for her now that she's away from all the controversies, Amber said she hopes to stay in Spain. She responded: "I love Spain so much. I love living here."

Putting an end to speculations surrounding her Hollywood future, the Justice League star confirmed that she has film projects coming up before leaving the scene. However, she didn't go into detail about her future acting commitments.

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It can't be denied that Amber's public image and perception have already been tainted by the scandals she previously faced. While there are still fans who are convinced she did nothing wrong, I think we can all agree that it's a little too early for her to return to the scene.

Meanwhile, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated for theatrical release on December 20, 2023.

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