Amber Heard Claimed Johnny Depp Took Drug To Treat STDs While Fantastic Beasts Star Said Aquaman Actress Worked As An Escort, Court Documents Show

Credit: Law&Crime Network/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Law&Crime Network/YouTube Screenshot

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp beat each other up in court documents that were so vicious that the judge refused to show them to the jury during the former lovebird’s infamous defamation trial, a tabloid reported.

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Johnny Depp Allegedly Claimed Amber Heard Was A ‘Hooker’, Used To Be An ‘Escort’

Globe, in its latest edition, claimed that it obtained a copy of the 6,000 explosive pages of testimony exposing the dark underbelly of Amber Heard and the twisted secret life of anger and drugs of Johnny Depp.

The court documents that the jury did not see reportedly detailed a violent incident where Johnny Depp “kicked” Amber Heard – his attempt to smear the Aquaman actress as a hooker and show her nude images to the jury.

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Globe added explosive texts about an incident when an apparently blitzed Pirates of the Caribbean actor is said to have kicked Amber during a private plane flight did not get in front of the jury as well. Johnny Depp reportedly denied that it happened.

However, Stephen Deuters, the former assistant of Johnny Depp, reportedly texted Amber Heard:

“He was appalled when I told him he kicked you, he cried.”

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The “Black Mass” star allegedly later texted Amber Heard that he is a “lunatic” and “f******g savage. Of course, I am sorry. I will never do it again” and blamed his actions on his “illness.”

The tabloid added that Johnny Depp even tried to smear Amber Heard as a hooker when he claimed his ex-wife had briefly worked as an exotic dancer before they met and “maliciously suggests Ms. Heard was at one time an escort.”

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Amber Heard Reportedly Implicated That Johnny Depp Is Suffering From Impotence

Amber Heard, for her part, claimed Johnny Depp suffered chronic erectile dysfunction that was the basis for his anger issues and took a drug used to treat s*xually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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Other banned testimonies of the Never Back Downactress reportedly include her sister telling co-workers that Amber “cut off” Johnny’s finger during a violent showdown.

For those who are not aware, Amber Heard has filed court papers to toss the jury’s cash award to Johnny Depp. The Fantastic Beasts actor also appealed the $2 million that the jury awarded his former ladylove in her defamation countersuit.

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