Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Writers Work in a Heavily Secured Area With Fingerprint Scanner

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One series that has piqued fan interest in recent years has been Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings show. According to numerous reports, this could be one of the most expensive shows ever made and will cover moments in Tolkien's story that wasn't covered by the movies, which is a good idea. Very little information has been revealed about the show, aside from the fact that Aragorn could be playing a part, and we might know why.

Amazon Studios Chief Jennifer Salke revealed that the current Lord of the Rings writing crew is kept in a fairly secretive room that is guarded by security and requires a fingerprint to get in. It's like Disney is in charge or something but that is what Salke told The Hollywood Reporter.

"There's a fantastic writers room working under lock and key. They're already generating really exciting material. They're down in Santa Monica. You have to go through such clearance, and they have all their windows taped closed. And there's a security guard that sits outside, and you have to have a fingerprint to get in there, because their whole board is up on a thing of the whole season."

Salke also mentioned talking with the Tolkien estate about looking at art from the book that has yet to be revealed to the world but the fact that these writers are under lock and key is clearly the story here. While it doesn't appear to be inhumane, they can probably eat and go home to their families, it's still really intense security.

Considering how fans and companies hate these stories getting spoiled, we can kind of understand the extreme measures.

Amazon's Lord of the Rings doesn't have a proper release date yet.

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