11 Sep 2020 10:45 AM +00:00 UTC

Amazon Japan May Have Leaked the PS5 Release Date

We've all been waiting for the PlayStation 5 release date, especially since Microsoft officially announced when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S would be coming out. There are rumors that we could get an announcement next week but nothing has been confirmed so take that with a grain of salt. However, adding to that speculation is Amazon Japan possibly leaking the PS5 release date as the company quickly took down the post.

Did someone from Amazon accidentally press the wrong button? Was it staged by Sony and Amazon so that people would talk about the PS5 more? Maybe it's just someone bored and using photoshop to their advantage? There is too much speculation and a lot to doubt about them so, sadly, the best thing we can do is wait and see. How fun.

The lack of information from Sony about the PlayStation 5 has been fairly disappointing, with many fans worried about what the console will be like. That's not to say it will break and combust when plugged in but the fact that Sony has been so quiet about its release date and price has many worried. Are we getting another PS3 disaster?


For those unfamiliar, Sony was at the height of its hubris when they announced the PlayStation 3. Not only did they decide to release this console months after its competitor the Xbox 360 but they also made it a ridiculous $600. It's why they lost to Microsoft in the first couple of months, though they did improve the console and even surpassed the overall sales by the end of this console's lifespan.

Basically, let's hope Sony remembers their past hubris and doesn't get too cocky with the PS5. As of this writing, the PS5 release date has not been announced.

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