Amazon's Cinderella Drops First Trailer With A Surprising Take on Fairy Godmother

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Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Fairy tales are coming to life and the latest addition to that would be the modern live-action adaptation of Cinderella by Amazon Studios. The first full trailer of the musical movie drops and it featured a surprising take of the film on Fairy Godmother with Billy Porter, the Fab G, covered in gold making the titular character's dream come true.

Amazon Studios' Cinderella would be a new take on the story of the glass slipper every child grew up with as the titular character dreams with her heart, bigger than anything the world could ever give, and she would not be alone in this endeavor as she would have the aid of Fab G, her fairy godmother, in reaching these dreams and making it into reality.

Fab G is far from the fairy godmother that we know of, from the gender of the character to the presentation. The film puts it this way: her godparent is genderless. Indeed, having "Fab G" as the name definitely fits Billy Porter's character who is extravagant in every way wearing all the gold, glitz, and glamour! Cinderella would really be thankful to have Fab G in her life!

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This adaptation of Cinderella is a classic fairytale with a modern interpretation where Cinderella would have a closer look into her life. She is an aspiring dressmaker and she has been forced by her evil stepmother to work for her. With Fab G in her life, her dreams start to become reality. When she caught the eyes of the prince, she doesn't simply want to be a royal, instead, she still pursues her dream making it quite different from previous adaptations.

Amazon Studios' Cinderella would also be featuring pop songs in the film. An example would be "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson being reinterpreted to fit the movie and the story itself.

The amazing ensemble of the cast includes Camilla Cabello as Cinderella, Billy Porter as Fab G, Idina Menzel as evil stepmother Vivian, Maddie Baillio, and Charlotte Spencer as her stepsisters, Pierce Brosnan as King Rowan, Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert, Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice, James Corden as James/ Mouse, James Acaster as John/ Mouse, Romesh Ranganathan as Romesh/ Mouse, Missy Elliott as Town Crier, Fra Fee as Hench, Tallulah Greive as Princess Gwen, Mary Higgins as Princess Laura, Luke Latchman as Griff, and Beverly Knight.

Cinderella is directed and written by Kay Cannon based on the fairy tale having the same name by Charles Perrault. James Corden got the idea to do such an adaptation.

Amazon Studios' Cinderella will be released on September 3, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video.