Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Pilots A Giant Mech

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For decades, giant mecha robots have been a common site in Japanese anime, and were featured in popular science fiction films like Aliens and James Cameron's Avatar. Now, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was able to pilot one at a robotics conference stage, and of course, he had fun using it.

"Why am I feeling so much like Sigourney Weaver?" Jeff Bezos said as he was piloting the 13-foot robot, referring to Weaver's character in Aliens who's famously known for using a giant mech.

As The Verge reports, the South Korean company Hankook Mirae Technology manufactured the robot, and it's called Method-2. It was shown at Amazon's invite-only MARS conference. The event was dedicated to discussing home automation, space exploration, machine learning, and robots.

Watch the video in the tweet below:

@JeffBezos "Why do I feel so much like #sigourneyweaver ?" @amazon#MARS2017#openpodbaydoors ??
— Caleb Harper (@calebgrowsfood)
March 20, 2017

The movement of the robot is limited to arms only, but as the video mentions, it's also capable of walking.


It looks like a battle between two real giant mechs will happen soon, so we're looking forward to see more mech action in the near future.