Amazing Interactive Map Shows Where Star Wars, Game of Thrones, & Other Popular Films and TV Series Were Filmed

Have you ever tried visiting the shooting locations of your favorite films and TV shows? It probably wasn't that easy, right? Even with the convenience that the internet offers, you'd still have to gather and organize different data to search how to get to those locations.

Well, now there's another, easier way to get to the shooting spots of your favorite films and shows.

A new interactive map from Expedia will tell you where you have to go to see those locations. The map comes with travel packages that are based on one's film preferences. The site's The World on Screen section utilizes Google Maps technology to showcase real-life sets including, but is not limited to Game of ThronesandStar Wars.

Naturally, you'd have to purchase a package from the company to get the map, but it's a fair bargain since there would no longer be a need to do all that searching on the internet that could take hours. You can also plan your trips more conveniently. The site has vacation search options that would fit one's needs. Simply enter the film or TV show of your choice:

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