‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Season 2 Update: Will Netflix Renew The Hit Series? Will Fans Get To Know What Happened To Cheong-San?

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Credit: Netflix/YouTube Screenshot

After a jaw-dropping and stunning first season, many now want to know if there will be All Of Us Are Dead Season 2. The new Netflix hit series has ended with a lot of questions that fans wish to have some answers to.

From Nam-Ra’s (Yi Hyun Cho) being a halfbie (half-zombie and half-human) to the alleged death of Cheong-San (Chan-Young Yoon), will fans know what really happened in All Of Us Are Dead Season 2?

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Announcement

So far, Netflix has yet to officially announce the coming of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2. There are no words yet if the streaming giant will renew the series, though many see its possibility.

According to Soompi, the show has seen worldwide success since it was officially dropped on Friday, Jan. 28. It is now the No. 1 series in 25 countries and the fourth Korean series that rise to the top of global charts after “Squid Game,” “Hellbound” and “Arcane.”

“I truly can’t believe all the love it has received from so many countries around the world, I’m so thankful,” Lee Jae Gyu, the series’ director, said. “I think this will come as a great relief to all the actors and staff who devoted themselves to this project for two years.”

Despite having a cast of “relatively unknown” artists, these newcomers still managed to get everyone’s attention, not to mention praises, for their incredible acting skills.

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“I thought that bringing on actors who were great at acting but still unknown to the public would add to the immersion of the series,” Lee Jae Gyu added. “If you watch the show, I believe that you’ll find yourself falling more and more in love with both the characters and the actors who play them. It’s a testament to the appeal that each character has.”

Will All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Answer the Questions About Cheong-San?

As the first season comes to an end, many want to know the fate of faithful friend and lover Cheong-San. After a face-off with Gwi-Nam (Yoo In Soo) once again, Gwi-Nam bit Cheong-San’s arm that made the latter think he would soon turn into a zombie, per The Cinemaholic

He decided to sacrifice himself and let On-Jo (Park Ji Hoo) and the rest of his friends escape to the mountains after Nam-Ra heard the planned bombing of Hyosan High School to kill all the infected.

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As he had managed to drop all the zombies under the building, Gwi-Nam appeared again and started a brawl until the explosion happened. Cheong-san was seen blown away by the blast’s impact with Gwi-Nam, falling into the building’s debris.

Later, he was shown lying among other zombies, covered in ash, with On-Jo’s nametag in a short distance.

Though it may try to imply that Cheong-San is dead, knowing he has survived a number of zombie attacks before, not to mention he is one of the main protagonists, he may still be alive.

If this is the case, then All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 probably has all the answers.

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