All of Us Are Dead: Director Reveals Why The School's Uniform is Green

Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead has taken the world by storm by making it the #1 most trending TV show globally. Fans cant help to wonder about the ‘small details in the show.

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Director Lee Jae Gyu is very open in discussing different details about the show on interviews and explained every preparation and meticulousness in the production they had to follow.

Director explained, "I wanted a lot of viewers - even the ones who don't watch a lot of zombie genres - to be able to enjoy 'All of Us Are Dead.' So we brought in various mechanisms in the production."

"We wanted to portray the school as a warm and bubbly place so we paid much attention to the colors of the set and the lighting. We also built a 100m film set location to capture the mood properly." Jae Gyu added.

The director also discussed why he chose green as the color of the uniform worn by Hyosan High School Students. According to him, he wanted to create intensity by creating hues. Jae Gyu explained, "Green and Red are on the opposite hue spectrum. So we tried to leave an intense impression with the red blood and green school uniform."

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Jae Gyu thinks that students covered with blood while wearing a green uniform creates a contrast that immediately captures the audience’s attention.

The director also added, "To add to the realistic feeling and the sense of reality, we did a lot of one-take filming methods or long-take filming at the beginning." Considering that the show has multiple zombie scenes, this single-take must have been effective because it looked frighteningly, realistic.

All of Us Are Dead is a zombie thriller, adventure film following Hyosan High School’s students as they navigate the school surrounded by zombies and survive the outbreak. The show is now streaming on Netflix with 12 episodes.

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