Alita: Battle Angel Star Rosa Salazar Says She Would Play Alita Until Her Last Breath

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The James Cameron-produced Alita: Battle Angel took years to make with director Robert Rodriguez and while the film may not be on the same level of success as Avatar or Terminator, it still grossed $404.9 million, just enough for Fox to break even so it's still unclear whether or not the film will get a sequel but one thing we know for sure is that actress Rosa Salazar, who played Alita in Battle Angel, would play her iconic character again.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Salazar recently talked to /Film about the possibility of an Alita sequel, and she said that she would play the titular cyborg warrior-hunter again.


"I would play Alita ‘til my last breath," Salazar told /Film "I would, and thanks to the performance capture technology, I probably could."

Salazar said that she hasn't heard anything about an Alita sequel yet but she went on to encourage fans to show Fox that they want to see more by buying a copy for home-viewing.

"Not yet, but buy those Blu-rays," Salazar said, "On Amazon. But no, I haven't heard anything yet."

Cameron and Rodriguez both hinted at sequels for Alita but it's up to the studio to confirm if it will get one. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Cameron explained the reason for the way they changed the title from the original source material. "It's Alita colon, Battle Angel. Because the next one will be "Alita: Fallen Angel" and then Alita.. you know "Avenging Angel" and then Alita whatever. I mean, that's assuming we make some money"

I hope that Alita will get the sequels it deserves. Alita: Battle Angel is definitely one of my favorite science fiction films I've seen and I hope that Fox will green-light multiple sequels.

Alita: Battle Angel is now available on digital, Blu-Ray, DVD, 4K Ultra HD, and Blu-Ray 3D.

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