Alita 2: Christoph Waltz Eager to Return in Battle Angel Sequel

There is little doubt that the Alita Army are still holding on to hope for an Alita: Battle Angel sequel. However, it looks like the fans are not the only ones wishing for Alita 2. Christoph Waltz has just admitted that he is eager to reprise his role as Dr. Dyson Ido if a second film is produced.

In Alita: Battle Angel, Dr. Dyson Ido creates Alita from a cyborg he recovers in the scrapyard of Iron City. Although he treats Alita like his child, they soon discover that she is actually a member of the Berserker, a deadly shock troop from the enemy nation United Republics of Mars from the Fall. Alita wants to go to the wealthy city of Zalem but the only way to get there is to win the Motorball tournament. Ido is initially reluctant to help her but ultimately gives in.

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So will Ido return to help Alita go to Zalem in the sequel? For now, Alita 2 has not yet been officially announced but Christoph Waltz admitted to Screenrant that he will gladly reprise the role if it happens.

"Yes, if the part is what I would like to do, certainly. Definitely," Waltz said.

It has already been confirmed that Rosa Salazar is interested in returning for Alita 2 and producer Jon Landau is ready to work on the sequel. However, the project has not yet been confirmed to be in development. Moreover, Disney has yet to agree if the studio would produce another Battle Angel film. Nevertheless, fans are optimistic that we'll eventually get to see Alita's return.

Alita: Battle Angel was directed by Robert Rodriguez and starred Rosa Salazar as the titular cyborg. The film, which was released in 2019, boasted an ensemble cast including Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, and Jackie Earle Haley.

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