Alan Tudyk Shares Fun Rogue One/Firefly Mash-Up for Star Wars Day

Alan Tudyk has had a lot of great roles in his career, but Star Wars fans will know him as Cassian's trusty robot sidekick K-2SO from Rogue One. On Star Wars Day, Tudyk has decided to share this fun mash-up of K-2 and another one of his iconic characters, Wash from Firefly.

Check it out:

For context, here's the original scene with Tudyk as Wash:

Droids have always been a source of humor for Star Wars, so it was kind of fitting that they would cast Tudyk in the part of K-2. What's also impressive is that K-2 is the first ‘big' death that we get in the climax, and it was what sent the message to the audience that nobody was coming out alive.

Though K-2 did die, we're actually going to have Tudyk return in Disney+'s upcoming Cassian Andor series. We don't really know how much of K-2 will be in the show, but it would be fun to see him make the transition from Imperial droid to rebel asset. I guess my main concern is that it would be expensive to have K-2 onscreen seeing he's a fully CG presence. Maybe they can do the same bit with 3PO from Empire Strikes Back and have Cassian walking around with a broken down K-2? That way, they only need a head or his torso.

No specific release date has been set for the Andor series, but Disney is said to be aiming for a premiere in 2021. In the meantime, The Mandalorian is aiming for a second season premiere this October.

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