Aladdin: Original Iago Voice Actor Seems Pissed He Wasn't Asked to Reprise the Role

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News had just recently come out that Alan Tudyk has been cast as the voice of Iago in the live-action Aladdin movie, and some fans took this as an issue, seeing that Gilbert Gottfried had lent his iconic voice for the original role. As it turns out, even Gottfried seems to be angry he wasn't asked to come back.

If you look at Gottfried's Twitter account, you'll see all these retweets of people outraged that he wasn't asked to reprise Iago:

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It's no mystery that Gottfried has a very specific voice, and it was practically his role of Iago that made him a staple name in pop culture for so many millennials. If James Earl Jones was asked to come back as Mufasa for The Lion King, it's kind of a shame that the movie decided to drop the original Iago.

By the looks of it, I think the movie is trying its best to balance a good connection and separation from the original film. There's already a lot of pressure on Will Smith to deliver a whole new take on Genie. Maybe the pressure will be off if they have someone else voicing Iago. Then again, Disney has been known to budge from fan requests from time to time. Maybe Gottfried could get hired before the movie comes out in May. There's still plenty of time to re-dub I guess.

Catch Aladdin in theaters May 24.

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