A.I. Trailer Sees Wes Anderson Directing Star Wars And Fans Have Mixed Reactions

The films of Wes Anderson have such a distinct aesthetic that, upon first sight, fans will immediately know that the project was directed and created by the award-winning filmmaker.

With artificial intelligence controversially taking over the industry, a new trailer utilizing AI emerged on the internet and imagined Anderson’s direction in Star Wars.

Despite the promising premise and Anderson's directing signature seen in the AI clip, fans have voiced their mixed sentiments over the trending trailer.

Some of the positive comments include: “Completely tracks and I would watch that. So good.” wrote Twitter user @JBufford3.

While @GWinssinger said, “I would watch this. I’ve always wanted to see what Wes Anderson would bring to genre fare outside his usual material. Would love to see him direct an episode of Star Wars or the new Harry Potter series,”

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However, negative reactions also poured in and pointed out the dangers of using AI in cases like this.

“An artificial intelligence will never be able to grasp the sincerity of the emotions, expression, and humanity painted onto the screen by Wes Anderson. All AI is capable of is mocking how an image is structured. It has no comprehension of Mise-En-Scène. It does not feel.” tweeted @funEman_

Meanwhile, @GreatCheshire wrote: “Videos like this are honestly a great showcase for why completely A.I.-generated films won’t work. It knows to replicate the center framing and pastel color scheme of Anderson’s work but it doesn’t get why those things are used when they are, leading to ugly purposeless images,”

“The fact that accounts dedicated to film and film history are promoting this AI backwash is genuinely sad, especially at a time when studios (and the useful idiots that cheer them on) are pushing this technology as a replacement for artists and writers.” argued user @fred_beretta.

Fans have no problems with Anderson directing a Star Wars project, but the issue lies in the controversy over whether AI should replace humans, especially at a time when the lives or careers of artists and writers are at stake.

Right now, the Writers Guild of America is on strike. After failing to secure a deal with production companies for a fair contract, putting the future of Hollywood films and television in jeopardy.

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