Ahsoka: C-3PO Actor Anthony Daniels Reveals Deleted Alec Guinness Reference

C-3PO in Ahsoka
Credit: Lucasfilm

C-3PO in Ahsoka
Credit: Lucasfilm

Anthony Daniels revealed that a reference to Alec Guinness was cut from his cameo appearance as C-3PO in Ahsoka.

The veteran Star Wars actor surprisingly made an appearance in the seventh episode of Ahsoka where he saved Hera Syndulla from being court-martialed by providing a fake authorization letter from Princess Leia.

A lot of fans were delighted by the droid's surprise cameo as it added more connectivity to the original trilogy.

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An Alec Guinness Reference Did Not Make It on C-3PO's Ahsoka Cameo

C-3PO and Hera Syndulla in Ahsoka
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Credit: Lucasfilm

As reported by Popverse, during a spotlight panel at Megacon 2024, Daniels opened up about his surprise cameo appearance as C-3PO in the seventh episode of Ahsoka.

"About a year ago or whatever, suddenly they [Lucasfilm] rang me up and said, would I be in an episode of Ahsoka," he said.

"I was thrilled to be asked, and I had the most wonderful time out there in Southern California, it was a beautiful studio. It’s got to be the best episode of Ahsoka ever, just saying."

Daniels revealed that he came up with a line that was said by Guinness in A New Hope during the scene where C-3PO came into the picture.

"Dave Filoni and I had a script conference on Zoom. Basically, the scene was Threepio walks in, says something, and then walks out. If you ever watch that scene again, Threepio comes in at the back of the set, and there were two guards," he recalled.

"I came up with a line, which I totally stole from Episode IV with Sir Alec Guinness. I tell the guards, ‘You don’t need to see my identification.’ That was a straight steal."

Unfortunately, the line didn't make it into the final cut of the episode. Nevertheless, C-3PO's cameo still made a mark on the viewers and became one of the most talked-about moments.

While it might be disappointing for some fans that the line was cut, perhaps they could show it in a potential Blu-ray release in the future and include it as part of the special features.

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