Aggretsuko Season 4 Confirmed for December 2021

Get ready for Karaoke Night! Aggretsuko Season 4 has just been confirmed and it looks like a new major villain will be introduced this December.

Netflix has shared the first official poster for Aggretsuko Season 4 and it confirms that the series will return on the streaming service in December 2021.

The poster offers an interesting look into the fourth season considering that Retsuko and Haida are both featured in the foreground. Could this mean that the two will finally get together after four seasons of being friends?

There's another curious feature in the Aggretsuko Season 4 poster. There's a new character looming right behind Retsuko and Haida, suggesting that this could be a new antagonist. We don't know anything about this new character just yet but we could be getting an update soon.

Aggretsuko is based on the Sanrio character and follows a 25-year-old red panda struggling with a hectic life in an accounting office. Retsuko deals with the stress by going into a karaoke bar at night to sing death metal songs. In the previous season, Retsuko flirted with a career as the lead singer of an underground idol group. However, a traumatic encounter with a toxic fan forced her to leave the group and return to her office.

For now, the premise of Aggretsuko Season 4 is still a mystery. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Aggretsuko Season 4 has not yet been given an official release date. However, the series is set to return on Netflix by December 2021.

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