Agents of SHIELD Star Wants to Play DC's Next Young Joker

Darren Barnet might be playing a character in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD right now but it looks like the young actor already has his eyes set on a completely different role. The Never Have I Ever star has just admitted he wants to play the DC Extended Universe's next Joker.

Barnet recently spoke to about Agents of SHIELD Season 7 but he also shared some interesting future goals. For instance, he confessed that he wants to play the Clown Prince of Crime.

"You know, I would love one day to play some kind of spin-off of the Joker, a young joker, something kind of dark and mysterious," Barnet said.

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Credit: Warner Bros.

It might be too soon to cast a new Joker considering that the supervillain was somehow played by Joaquin Phoenix just last year. But if he can't get into the DCEU, Barnet has other ideas as well.

"I know this isn't a franchise per se, but if they made anything having to do with Fight Club where I could play a character similar to Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt, that would be an absolute dream come true," he said.

We're certainly impressed with Barnet's choices and it looks like he's the type who wants to challenge himself. It may take sometime before we'll see him as the new Joker or as the next Tyler Durden. In the meantime, Barnet plays Wilfred 'Freddy' Malick in the seventh and final season of Agents of SHIELD.

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 airs on ABC every Wednesday nights.

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