Agents of Mystery: Aespa's Karina Opened up about Showing up to Set Always Prepared

agents of mystery karina aespa
Credit: Teo | Netflix | Source: | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

agents of mystery karina aespa
Credit: Teo | Netflix | Source: | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

Aespa leader Karina's backpack becomes Agents of Mystery's holy grail! Of the six personalities participating in the Netflix reality series, Karina is a top contender when it comes to resourcefulness, thanks to her handy backpack.

Aespa's Leader is a Girl Scout on Agents of Mystery

agents of mystery karina aespa
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Credit: Teo | Netflix | Source: | Fair Use For Promotional Purposes

Across six episodes of Netflix's Agents of Mystery, six members must solve and accomplish their missions that would ultimately test their teamwork.

On the show, 24-year-old Aespa leader, Karina, surprised her castmates with her own pack of resourcefulness, all set and prepared to face the mystery-induced reality show.

Considering that she is the oldest member of the all-girl K-pop group Aespa, the reality series marks her first time being the youngest among the cast members.

"I'm often seen as a charismatic member of [Aespa], especially when performing on stage," Karina shared, "But through this show, I believe I'll be able to show a different side of me as the youngest cast member."

However, despite being the youngest, as the few clips teased, she still somehow becomes the 'mom' of this group by bringing in her own materials that ended up being helpful throughout the reality series.

Based on the trailer and the character profile teaser of the six participants in the Korean Netflix reality series, Karina was always shown carrying her own stuff, earning the nickname 'Walking Supply Kit, Karina.'

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"I just packed everything, thinking, 'What if this screwdriver comes in handy?'" Karina explained, "'What if there's a disaster and we need food?'" leading co-star Lee Hye-Ri to compare Karina's backpack to Doraemon's.

In Agents of Mystery, Karina was seen always carrying her backpack which was filled with pens, pencils, a screwdriver, other handy tools, and even food for her and the others, in case they face a disaster hit.

Resourcefulness doesn't stop at having the right materials, though. At one point, when they needed to check the bugs in an episode, Karina pulled out two pencils to use as chopsticks to pull them out with.

While she was not scared of bugs, she admitted she didn't like touching them due to their "squishy texture."

Even though she wanted to portray what a younger member Karina would be like, she only proved how much of a Girl Scout mom she was to the older cast. She said so herself: she was used to taking care of the other members, after all.

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