aespa Stylist Slammed For Unflattering Visuals At AAA 2021

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

aespa had a victorious night at the Asia Artist Awards 2021. The quartet won a Daesang for the Stage of the Year category.

While many celebrate the group’s latest achievement, the members seemingly face new buzz involving their visuals during the ceremony. Koreaboo reported that the K-pop act’s stylist is under fire, once again, for giving the idols “unflattering” and “mature” looks.

The Visuals of The aespa Members

The aespa members all wore black ensembles for the awarding ceremony. Each of the four outfits reportedly featured hints of textures, like leather and tulle.

Apart from the “confusing” prints and textures, the style of the pieces made them look either too old for their ages or too wide or short for their figures.

The K-pop idols still appeared “gorgeous,” though, because of their natural beauty. Even so, fans believe what they wore for the event did not give “justice” to their visuals.

Fans' Reactions

The publication included some of the things aespa fans talked about in forums and other media platforms. Many of the supporters seemingly agree that there was something off with the clothes.

Some also pointed out that the members of the K-pop group are still “babies” because of their young ages. But, with their appearances during the AAA 2021 event, they looked more mature.

Others, meanwhile, are urging the group to change their stylists. As noted, this was not the first time that this kind of backlash happened.

Not The First Time For The Stylist

In December 2020, the four K-pop artists attended the KBS Song Festival. KpopMap reported that the fans and viewers immediately noticed the idols’ “fashion.”

As noted, their outfits at that time did not receive any “favorable response” from netizens and followers of the group. Apart from the “shocking” quality and style of the outfits, the pieces were light, which appeared to be inappropriate for the cold weather season.

In the end, fans could not reportedly stand how the stylist styled the four aespa members.

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