aespa Named 2021's 'Hottest Rookie Group' Among All K-Pop Acts

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aespa has been making the headlines these past few weeks.

With their latest music production, which premiered on Monday, it is not surprising why K-pop fans and followers continue to talk about the all-female group.


As reported, they dropped the remake of Dreams Come True and immediately amassed millions of views in less than 24 hours. They have reached new feats with the title, as it became their fourth fastest MV to hit 10 million views.

But, apart from the success of their latest release, the quartet has also become the recent talk of the town because of their latest achievement. Koreaboo reported that industry experts hailed them as this year’s “Hottest Rookie Group” or “monster rookie.”'

aespa Is An Influential K-Pop Group

Among all the eight K-pop acts, the majority of the 31 industry experts chose aespa as the rookie group of the year.


Reports noted that these insiders came from various labels, including JYP Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and DSP Media.

15 of the experts agreed that the Black Mamba singers deserve the post because of their “overwhelming” success since 2020. They reportedly gave the group “high praises,” saying that they are an “influential” and “trending” girl group.

The publication, then, later on, noted that the quartet is seemingly establishing themselves as a rookie to watch out for in time.

Beating Other Big Names In The Industry

Coming in second to aespa is IVE from Starship Entertainment. The girl group debuted earlier this month, making their career trajectory quite impressive among fans and experts.

The six-member act reportedly received ten votes, just a little short of their predecessor’s. Despite this, the industry officials highlighted that they are a “group with more future expectations.”

The other rookie groups that were in the running, as well, are EPEX, MIRAE, LIGHTSUM, Billie, STAYC, and ENHYPEN. Both of the two latter acts received two nods from the experts, while the rest had one for each.