'Adventure Time' Storyboarder's 'Bee and Puppycat' Cartoon Returns

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After quite a long break, Natashe Allegri's Bee and Puppycat cartoon is making a comeback, The Mary Suereports. Allegri is known for her work as a storyboard artist on Adventure Time and also for creating the characters Fionna and Cake for the show. She created the first Bee and Puppycat short for Frederator Studios' Cartoon Hangover channel back in 2013.

Bee and Puppycat follows an unemployed young woman named Bee, who comes across a strange, magical "Puppycat". The creature introduces her to an organization that gives her some temp work of the space-faring, magical variety. And so they go on strange adventures.

Though it's been a while, new episodes of Bee and Puppycat are premiering today on the streaming channel VRV. The channel caters specifically to fans of animation, games and geekdom. Two episodes have gone up today.

One episode is the 30-minute long episode "Toast Dogs Wedding Donut". You can read the episode description below:

Cas's former wrestling rival, Toast, comes to town, insistent on taking Cas to the mat for a rematch. Meanwhile, Cardamon forces PuppyCat into a wedding with his dog, Sticky. Finally, Bee confronts Deckard about his decision to forego cooking school, before TempBot assigns the pair a job managing a kitchen on Baking Planet.

A 12-minute episode titled "Birthday Game" is also available on the channel. Frederator has announced that new episodes of the cartoon Bravest Warriors will also be streaming on VRV early next year.

I really enjoyed Bee and Puppycat in all its quirky weirdness, so I'm glad to hear it making a comeback. The world can always use more magical girl shows. Are you planning to check the new episodes out?

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