An Adventure Time Movie Is in the Works: Release Date Predictions Explored

adventure time movie release date
Credit: Screenshot at 2:03 via Adventure Time Official YouTube Channel

adventure time movie release date
Credit: Screenshot at 2:03 via Adventure Time Official YouTube Channel

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Big news for Adventure Time fans as Finn and Jake reunite once more with the upcoming release of the Adventure Time movie. It’s been six years since Adventure Time ended, but Finn and Jake are about to return!

Along with the movie's announcement, Warner Bros. Animation’s Studio Focus presentation at this year’s Annecy also revealed two Adventure Time spin-off TV shows currently in production at Cartoon Network Studios.

Cartoon Network Studios Announces New Adventure Time Movie

Come along with Finn and Jake and return to the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, as not one but three Adventure Time projects have now been green-lit at Cartoon Network Studios.

It’s the perfect time to say, "Oh my, Glob!", as Adventure Time fans are winning with this good news.

Perhaps the biggest among these three projects is the new Adventure Time movie that will be put together by veteran Adventure Time superstars, including original showrunner Adam Muto, Patrick McHale (Over the Wall, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio), and Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe).

Details regarding the upcoming Adventure Time film are still being kept under wraps because it is now in the early stages of development. Still, fans can expect to hear more news and information in the following days, weeks, and months.

Along with the movie announcement, two spin-off Adventure Time shows titled Adventure Time: Side Quests and Adventure Time: Heyo BMO have been green-lit as well.

Adventure Time Movie Release Date Predictions

There is no official release date for the upcoming Adventure Time film, so fans will have to wait for additional news and information regarding its development.

Previously, new seasons of Adventure Time were released two to three months (on average) following the previous season. If we consider this, the Adventure Time movie could be released earlier than predicted, in 2025.

It's safe to assume that the next Adventure Time film will not be released in 2024, as Cartoon Network Studios is possibly preoccupied with Adventure Time's two other spin-offs, which could delay the film's production.

What to Expect in the New Adventure Time Movie’s Story

As much as we want to lay down the exciting details about the new Adventure Time movie, the presentation at this year’s Annecy Film Festival didn’t reveal much information about the film.

What is certain is that “Finn and Jake are about to embark on their greatest adventure yet" in the new film. Whether Finn and Jake will meet new friends and face new foes along the way, we couldn’t confirm yet.

We’re hopeful that the new Adventure Time movie will go back to its roots, which fans have been missing for quite some time now, despite the spin-offs and specials Adventure Time has released so far.

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